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The Blue Jays win their first game of Spring Training

This afternoon, the Blue Jays defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 8-4, winning their first game of Grapefruit League action.

Left-hander Yusei Kikuchi started today’s game, throwing two innings, allowing one hit, and recording three strikeouts. His fastball topped 95.5 mph, which for his first game of Spring Training, is a great sign. Following Kikuchi, starter Chris Bassitt took the mound. He also threw two innings of one-hit ball. As he often does, the righty was very efficient, averaging only 12 pitches per inning. The Blue Jays’ closer, Jordan Romano looked as dominant as ever in his inning of work. Seventy percent of his pitches were four-seam fastballs, with the pitch topping 98 mph. Bullpen locks Chad Green, Yimi García, Tim Mayza and Génesis Cabrera each threw an inning. Notably, the four combined for eight strikeouts.

On the offensive side, Brian Serven, the Blue Jays’ third-string catcher led the way, hitting a three-run home run to center field in the 6th inning and a two-run double in the 8th. His home run had an exit velocity of 102.8 mph and travelled 413ft. The backstop leads the league in RBIs through three games of Spring Training.

Photo via Dunedin Blue Jays on Twitter

Alek Manoah will get the start tomorrow against the Tigers in Lakeland.

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